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Name:Shiba Saori
Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:Tokyo, Japan
Personality: Shiba’s about as enthusiastic about her life as ever. Always a smile on her face and as eager to know gossip as anyone, Shiba is a busybody. Which is why her current job as a proper reporter, instead of just a picture person, suits her so much more. Still, her camera’s always on her, so she won’t miss anything.

Around two years after the year of fate for middle school tennis, Shiba got her big break as a reporter, after Inoue got ill. And she used it well, she snagged a great article, which plunged her into a more competitive world. After getting permission and blessings from Inoue, Shiba moved up to a far more famous national newspaper, called Asahi, and has been there for the past six years, interviewing celebrities with a kind manner and unprying questions that still manage to coax nice answers out of people.

She got into a disastrous marriage with her editor in the first year there, and came out with a divorce, a restraining order and a six year old angel, called Hikaru though people like to say otherwise when he starts talking too much, since it's akin to watching a steam engine roll over you.
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